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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your farm open to the public?

Unfortunately, our farm is not currently open to the public. Sign up for our mailing list, and be the first to know about potential open farm days, farm dinners and other dreams we hope will soon become a reality!

How do I open the ding dang lid?

This does the trick, we promise! Place the jar, lid side up under hot running water for about 6 seconds. With a towel, you should be able to twist the lid right off.

It says to keep refrigerated!

We recommend you keep the jar of kraut refrigerated once you receive it or purchase it so that it maintains its great flavor.  Because it is raw and has live bacteria, if not kept very cool the kraut will continue to ferment thereby altering the flavor and creating a lot of gas in the jar. 

What is sauerkraut?

It is finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by soaking in a salt water brine for at least 8 weeks, maybe more, giving it a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor. The sour flavor, resembling vinegar, results from lactic acid that forms when bacteria from the cabbage ferment.  

Bacteria! Isn't that bad?

Not at all!  These healthy, live bacteria are known as probiotics which are helpful and good for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

So what?

It's actually a big deal. What happens in your gut plays a significant role in determining the health of your whole body. Studies on probiotics and gut health, have found that the gut plays a critical role in the health of your brain, joints, respiratory system, immune system, skin health and much more. Over 1 trillion bacteria made up of an estimated one thousand different species reside in your intestines. There are more microbes in your digestive tract than there are cells in your entire body.

How much do I need to eat to get the benefits?

Not much at all.  Just 2 tablespoons full.  Eating sauerkraut is a more effective way to get your probiotics than taking the pills.

Is there sugar in it?

No. We do not add any sugar. All of our sauerkraut contains organic vegetables, sea salt, and organic spices depending on the flavor sauerkraut.  Exceptions are the Kim Chi, which does contain a small amount of sugar, and the Chesapeake Kraut, which contains Old Bay® seasoning that is not certified organic.

Isn't a lot of salt bad for you?

Not necessarily.  Everything in moderation.  Although, we do use sea salt which is a healthy salt in that it is not processed like most other salts, therefore retaining its minerals and more complex flavor.  Sea salt is known to also have less sodium content than other salts.

How long does it keep?

Because it is fermented it can last for a long time under the right conditions. The bacteria are living, so they will keep fermenting if kept in a warm place.  That is why it is recommended sauerkraut be stored in the refrigerator or in a dark cool place, like the basement.

Is the juice healthy too?

Yes! It contains all the healthy nutrients and probiotics too. Save the juice after you've eaten the kraut and sip it as a daily tonic, or use it to make dressings, or add to your favorite spirit, (i.e. Chesapeake kraut + vodka = delicious Bloody Mary!)

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