At every meal, on every plate, there's always room for kraut!


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Kitchen/Farm Worker


The Sweet Farm is dedicated to creating fresh and natural foods that are as healthy as they are delicious. We offer a variety of naturally fermented foods ­­sauerkraut, pickles, ginger beer, mustard­­ made with nothing but organic (local when possible) vegetables, sea salt, and spices. Our traditional fermentation methods produce fresh, crisp and tangy krauts that pair well with just about any meal. In addition to their great taste, our krauts are full of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that help nourish your digestive system.


KITCHEN: Reporting to Kitchen Manager, the Kitchen/Farm Worker is responsible for the production of Sweet Farm Sauerkraut products. S/he maintains the highest standards for kitchen safety, cleanliness and efficiency. At the direction of the Kitchen Manager, the Kitchen Worker will report to work in response to the kitchen schedule and maintain inventory based upon order requests, existing inventory, length of fermentation, and other conditions.

FARM: Reporting to Farm Manager, the Kitchen/Farm worker assists the Farm Manager in all aspects of farm maintenance, from planting, cultivating, and harvesting, to infrastructure repair and maintenance on an as needed basis. Schedule Due to our products’ seasonal nature, The Sweet Farm’s production schedule can and will change throughout the year.

However, typical kitchen days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am­5pm and typical farm days are Monday and Thursday from 8am­5pm. Additional kitchen hours, delivery hours, and demo/event hours may be available based on SFS need and employee experience/skill.

Kitchen Responsibilities

● Under the supervision of Kitchen Manager, make, pack, and label all SFS products.

● Maintain health and safety standards when operating equipment.

● Dress appropriately for kitchen production.

● Use the inventory management system and communicate with Kitchen Manager if supplies are running low.

● Be able to work at the scheduled time while remaining flexible in response to the client orders and the availability of produce.

● Alert Kitchen Manager of any quality control issues that may affect SFS products.

● Support the Kitchen Manager and/or Sales Team with order fulfillment when necessary.


● High School diploma required.

● Previous experience working in food production or restaurants is preferred.

● Ability to be work in a fast­paced environment with a high degree of collaboration.

● Ability to be flexible with a willingness to take on other duties when necessary and as assigned.

● Experience, understanding, and appreciation for the fermentation process is preferred.

● Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

● Must have own transportation and clean driving record