At every meal, on every plate, there's always room for kraut!

Classes & Workshops

May 24 - Kim Chi Making Workshop at The Barn of Harpers Ferry

Kimchi is a spicy Korean version of Sauerkraut. This delicious dish is flavorful and lively, and that's not even considering its powerful probiotic benefits! Learn the basics of kimchi making and take home your own batch at the end of the workshop.

Fermented Food Series at Thurmont Regional Library - These workshops are FREE! Get all the info from one of Rachel’s workshops at no cost!

June 26 - Hands-On Sauerkraut Workshop at The Common Market. Frederick MD

Join Rachel as she demonstrates how to make raw, probiotic sauerkraut, step-by-step. Learn about the basic history and benefits of fermentation, and then will chop, salt, and mix your very own batch of kraut to take home. Space is limited, sign up today!

June 27 - Seasonal Sips: Probiotic Ginger Beer at Frederick Community College

Sweet, fizzy drinks never go out of season. But no matter what time of year, no one wants all the sugar and chemicals found in conventional sodas. What to do? Make your own! Learn how to make lightly fermented ginger beer (and other sodas) with less sugar, natural ingredients and a healthy dose of probiotics too! Attendees will leave with a how-to guide, a handmade ginger bug (wild soda culture), and recipe ideas for sweet, fizzy fun, all year 'round!