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About Us


The Sweet Farm offers a variety of naturally fermented foods and drinks, from sauerkraut to pickles to our favorite, Ginger Beer! Naturally probiotic, our fermented products provide probiotic bacteria, lactic acid, and other benefits to promote gut health.


Rachel Armistead and Luke Flessner started The Sweet Farm together in 2011. Both hobby fermenters when they met in 2009, Rachel and Luke’s relationship revolved around fermentation from the start. They even attended a four-day fermentation workshop with Sandor Katz for their honeymoon! When friends and family started offering to pay for the krauts Luke and Rachel were giving away, the couple started to talk seriously about a business venture. After much experimentation, product sourcing, and hard work, The Sweet Farm debuted its four main flavors—Classic Kraut, Beet Kraut, Curry Kraut, and Curtido—at local farmers markets in the fall of 2011. Since then, the couple have expanded the business to include a food truck, naturally fermented Ginger Beer, and pasture-rasied pork production on the farm. 2020 will bring a deeper focus on our Ginger Beer, as well as a renewed focus on environmentally and socially ethical sourcing and operations.

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