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February 11, 2016


Curry Kraut Veggie Hand-Roll

 If you are craving sushi but not necessarily the fish, this is your recipe.

It is easy, delicious, healthy, and calls for no fish! (I mean, I love raw fish, but only if it's super fresh. And sometimes I just don't want to deal with fish cause it can be a process) Instead, in this recipe I use tofu. Although, you can put anything in your hand-roll. I sometimes use scrambled eggs. Try it, it's delicious! Especially with the curry kraut.

The following recipe has enough ingredients to make 2 rolls. I find it's the perfect amount for my lunch or dinner. The hardest part of the whole recipe is rolling everything into a perfect package, but don't be discouraged! It only takes a couple of tries before you get it. Also, obtaining a bamboo roller is key. You can find them in most stores.

 Shh... a secret ingredient I love adding to my rice, especially when I'm  making rolls... Furikake: seaweed, with a little salt, sugar, and sesame  seeds. Makes it taste  that much better. Definitely found in Asian  Markets and some grocery stores.

For Rolls:
1C. Brown Rice
1 tsp. Rice Vinegar
2 slices of Tofu
1/2 Carrot
1/4 Avocado
1 Tbl. Furikake
As much Sweet Farm Curry Kraut as you desire  





 For Dipping:


Soy Sauce or Tamari


Pickled Ginger

a tiny bowl of water






- Prep your veggies. Cut carrots into long thin strips. Slice avocado into thin slices. Have tofu slices about 1/2 inch thick
- Let cooked rice cool to room temperature. Mix with 1 tsp. of rice vinegar
- Lay 1 sheet of seaweed on your sushi roller and spread the rice thinly over the seaweed, keeping about 1/2 inch from edge
- Sprinkle Furikake all over rice
- Place the veggies, tofu, and kraut in the center of the spread
- Hold the seaweed and roller on the side closest to you, with your index fingers and thumbs. As you lift, use your other finger to tuck the contents in towards you while continuing to roll up and over. 
- Once you've folded the wrap all the way over, give it a little squeeze while pulling towards you. You should be able to see the 1/2 edge of seaweed left without rice.
- Keeping one hand holding the roll in place, dip you finger in the tiny bowl of water and moisten the exposed edge of seaweed. Then immediately finish rolling the roll shut. The wet edge should adhere to the rest of the roll.
- Remove roller and cut the prepared roll in half. There you have it! Your delicious hand-roll.
I usually prep the wasabi and soy sauce in a bowl and serve it with some pickled ginger. They really taste amazing with the Curry Kraut. Hope you enjoy!

Becky Dosh
Becky Dosh


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